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IXLVES provides tips, online quizsession, past papers, specimen papers, and composed answers of questions asked in previous papers. The students will be available to clear their concepts from reasons and logistics explained by our well-qualified trainers. We provide the biggest database from past papers and specimen papers to prepare for CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/leveland CAIE IGCSE exams. This online platform is free and helpful for students to get complete guidance at home.

IXLVES provides past papers for CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/leveland CAIE IGCSE examinations conducted by the University of Cambridge. Besides providing past papers, IXLVES has uploaded specimen papers of CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level and CAIE IGCSE for the University of Cambridge with answers for all subjects.We provide a mark scheme of all past papers that help students to find correct answers and working principle of a particular topic asked in examinations after consultation of experienced teachers.

The scientific subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, and Economics are always difficult and tricky to get more marks. The numerical and analytical questions are always a hard nut to crack for students. With the help of an online MCQ test and quiz, the students are able to know about repeating questions. The online quiz or test MCQ facility is available for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, and Economics. Now you can easily grab 40 marks from objective questions being asked in CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level, CAIE IGCSE exams. Moreover, we have added detailed reasoning for correct statements as well.

IXLVES has uploaded the current and updated syllabus according to the guidelines mentioned by the University of Cambridge. Hence, you must feel tension free about updated course contents. IXLVES has added grade thresholds about all the latest exams of CAIE AS &A/level, GCE O/leveland CAIE IGCSE. It helps students to come to know about grading criteria based on the nature of the exam. Every exam has its own difficulty level that determines different grades like sometimes you can get A+ on 80% marks while sometimes the students barely get A+ on 95%.

We provide principal examiner’s report for teachers that show a detailed report released by examiners to get to know about correct answers and crux. This report helps students and teachers to find the exact theory and critical analysis of all questions. We respond to all FAQs (frequently asked questions) asked by students about how to attempt questions, what are important topics to be focused, grading system, latest trends, and many others. With the help of these frequently asked questions, the students will feel satisfaction by all means.

Now you can secure up to 90% by starting your preparation with us for February/March, May/June or October/November intake!

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Crack AS & A-level, O-level, CAIE IGCSE exams by preparing with past papers, specimen papers, online quiz session, and online teaching facilities provided by IXLVES

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You can get free past papers of all subjects from IXLVES. Feel free to prepare with past papers composed with comprehensive answers.

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Secure 90% marks by preparing with our online lectures covering all topics and detailed discussion.

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Get online teaching facility from our experienced teachers who know about the latest trends and have deep knowledge about the subject

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Prepare blanks and MCQ for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, and Economics to get maximum marks from our online platform

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Our expert teachers assist students to clear their concept, having a grip on the subject, getting comprehensive information about threshold and syllabi, building critical writing skills, and securing A*

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