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IXLVES provides an authentic online platform to students who are ambitious to prepare for upcoming exams of CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level, CAIE IGCSE, and many others. If you are preparing for February/March, May/June or October/November intakeof CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level, CAIE IGCSE exams, IXLVES offers the complete set of information for students. There is no need to pay heavy tuition fees when IXLVES provides essential stuff to candidates. Your success rate is automatically increased by up to 90% with the help of our qualified trainers. Currently, we are providing past papers for subjects related to language and literature, sciences, humanities, social sciences, business & management sciences, arts and design, creative sciences and technical education.

We have also provided detailed information about scripting, scanning, the latest syllabi, and grading system of Cambridge exams. Moreover, students have an opportunity of online quiz/test session forCAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level and CAIE IGCSEto check their preparation. This self-assessment method helps candidates to get a better understanding and knowledge of their subject. Our competitive and experienced teachers have collected CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level, CAIE IGCSE past papersof all subjects since 2002 up to the latest session.

All past papers are copyrighted from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) and collected from official websites. The specimen papers are always helpful whenever the syllabus is changed or updated.

Most of the schools have changed their curriculum from general examination to CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level and CAIE IGCSEexams offered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education.IXLVES offers a complete guide for pre-university examinations related to CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level, CAIE IGCSE conducted by the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. With the passage of time, these types of exams are getting tougher and more challenging. This standardized set of examinations increase the rate of employment and the development of creative skills.

Our aim:

IXLVES has aimed to provide the world-class preparation material to help students for CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level and CAIE IGCSEexaminations.

The students get massive information about scientific theories and develop the ability to solve numerical questions from past papers and specimen papersof CAIE AS & A/level, GCE O/level and CAIE IGCSE. We have added key points to generate and understand valuable content in less duration of time. We provide complete guidance for how to attempt short questions to secure maximum marks in exams. On top of that, we have added tips and tricks related to time management skills, stress handling, general instruction about exams, and scholarships to help students by all means.All links, documents, and attached PDF files are working efficiently.

We help students to make their paper more attractive thatexaminer will definitely want to see your complete question. It creates a distinction of your paper from the rest of the other candidates. Hence, it will be easy for the examiner to mark your paper. By getting satisfactory grades, the students will be able to compete with other international schools.

Suggestions for students:

The students are requested to download syllabi from the very first day and start their preparation up to the point. However, we suggest students start their preparation from past papers at least 4 months before exams to secure maximum marks. Do not forget to revise all past papers before exams because it adds great help to boost your memory. Always learn from mistakes rather than considering them as a burden.

Always keep on checking from time to time for new updates about past papers, specimen papers, grading threshold, online quizand principal examiner’s report for teachers, marking scheme, and question papers.

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