Online Quiz Session for All IGCSE Subjects

IXLVES is providing online quiz session for IGCSE subjects.

IXLVES is providing online quiz session for IGCSE subjects. The online IGCSE quiz sessions help to secure full marks in the objective portion. The CAIE takes final exams of IGCSE during February/March, May/June and October/November. IXLVES provides different techniques and tricks to tackle the objective portion. For students appearing in IGCSE exams, MCQ and blanks are always very important because they directly effect on overall grading of a subject. Our experienced teachers have made accurate assessment sessions for IGCSE subjects.

At the time of examination, students do not have enough time to spend a wholesome amount of time solving either MCQ or blanks. That’s why the students should have maximum grip to quickly solve MCQ in less duration of time. Most of the time, the students face this type of issue for solving them. IXLVES offers a great variety of MCQ and blanks for IGCSE examinations. All questions contain the authentic explanations for correct answers. When you answer a question, you get spontaneous results whether it is right or wrong.

The online quiz facility for IGCSE exams helps students for instant revision and memorization of all concepts. The quizzes offered by us are comprised of all topics given in a chapter. You can either solve an online quiz for a particular topic or for the whole chapter or for the yearly paper. The mock tests contain MCQ and blanks from past papers to give an indication for which types of questions are being asked by examiners. This time-saving procedure helps students to analyze their deficit areas. If you start your quiz preparation from the first day, you will be master at the end to solve all MCQ and blanks.

Currently, IXLVES offers online quiz session for following IGCSE subjects:

  • Biology (0610)
  • Physics (0625)
  • Chemistry (0620)
  • Economics (0455)

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