Cambridge International IGCSE Arabic - First Language (0508) Past Papers

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Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Native speakers of Arabic are in majority in almost all countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Millions of people in these areas speak Standard Arabic and other dialects of Arabic as first language. Large number of Arabic Diaspora living in different parts of the world also speaks Arabic as the first language. Cambridge Assessment International Examination has designed the syllabus of Arabic - First Language (0508) course according to the requirements of native Arabic speakers.

Cambridge IGCSE Arabic (0508) syllabus enables the students to communicate clearly and accurately by using correct grammar and vocabulary. The learner develops linguistic skills after which he/she can understand and communicate comfortably and without making errors. The syllabus is also interesting that encourages the students to read without feeling boredom. The students can read extensively that makes them understand about the effects produce by the writer to convey his message effectively.

Many students are well aware that reading and understanding past papers play important role in getting good marks and better grades in next exams. We are helping IGCSE students by providing Cambridge IGCSE Arabic - First Language (0508) past papers at our website IXLVES. These Arabic (0508) past papers are available with comprehensive and detailed instructions to fill all questions asked in the exams. Students will be able to get IGCSE Arabic (0508) past papers 2002, Arabic (0508) past papers 2003, Arabic (0508) past papers 2004 and up to latest Arabic (0508) past papers 2018 and Arabic (0508) past papers 2019. These IGCSE Arabic past papers have been made easy to solve with the addition of grade threshold, mark schemes, FAQs and examiner reports.

Grade threshold in these past papers allow students to know about the changes made in grade system in IGCSE according to the complexity level of exams. It is the reason that grade threshold changes with every passing exam. The study of mark schemes are important as they guide the students about marks they can achieve after answering the questions. This enables them to answer their questions in the right way. Examiner reports inform the readers about the pattern followed by examiner to mark the papers. This report also highlights errors that are usually made by students and must be avoided. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are those general and specific questions that are asked by many students. These FAQs related to Arabic (0508) exams are answered in these past papers.

We at IXLVES are not limited to past papers. W are also providing Arabic (0508) specimen papers for students as well. These specimen papers are equally important because Cambridge IGCSE changes its syllabus after every few years. These specimen papers inform students about the possible questions that will be part of next exams according to the latest syllabus. Specimen papers mark scheme is also included in these papers. This mark scheme is helpful for students in understanding the marking pattern of their upcoming exams of IGCSE Arabic (0508) 2021 and beyond.

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