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The Cambridge Assessment International Examination is presenting multiple subjects for students of IGCSE chemistry due to its importance and acceptance by large number of students. Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (9-1) (0971) syllabus is similar to the syllabus of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620). The major difference between two subjects is the 9 to 1 grading system of IGCSE (0971) syllabus. The aim of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0971) is to assist learners in understanding basic concepts and principles of chemistry. This syllabus enhances conceptual and practical capabilities of learners which enables them to pursue higher studies of chemistry in Cambridge AS/Level & A/Level. These students can also adopt one of several fields related to chemistry as their professional career.

At IXLVES, we are providing past papers to students as a helping material for preparation of their upcoming chemistry exams. The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (9-1) (0971) past papers 2018 and Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (9-1) (0971) past papers 2019 are available at IXLVES for learners. Apart from these past papers, student can also make use of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620) past papers for exam preparation as syllabus of both these subjects is quite similar. IGCSE Chemistry exams are held thrice in a year. We are providing These Chemistry (0971) past papers all important features for better understanding of paper pattern and design. Important features of Chemistry (0971) past papers are: Chemistry (0971) grade threshold, Chemistry (0971) marking schemes, Chemistry (0971) examiner reports, syllabus and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Grade threshold inform students about grading principles adopted by IGCSE. Students can easily understand that grade threshold (minimum marks to obtain any grade) is not constant and it occasionally changes. These changes happen due to performance of overall students in a particular year and paper. Knowledge about marking scheme is also necessary for better understanding of marking principles in IGCSE. This also assists in getting maximum possible marks in Chemistry (0971) exams. Examiner reports are the factors that examiners considers while evaluating marks and grades to students. These marking schemes assist students to avoid mistakes that are committed in previous exams. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide answers to common questions regarding chemistry (0971) syllabus and papers. These questions and their answers also solve several issues related to upcoming IGCSE Chemistry exams.

Specimen papers are also available at IXLVES for exam preparation of students. Reading and understanding specimen papers are as important as reading past papers. It is because IGCSE syllabus and paper pattern changes after every few years. These specimen papers are prepared according to latest change made by CIE in IGCSE Chemistry (0971) papers. You can find information about latest curriculum and paper pattern by studying these specimen papers. We have made things easier for students by separately providing specimen papers marking scheme. Through this feature, students can easily get information about the latest marking principles employed by IGCSE in chemistry exams.

There are several other helping materials available at IXLVES to enhance paper solving capabilities of IGCSE Chemistry (0971) students. You will get online quiz, notes and several important instructions to further increase your chances of getting more marks and higher grades.

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