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History of the USA is a major subject that interests many students around the world especially those residing inside the country. It is the reason that Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers a separate subject for American history. Cambridge IGCSE History – American (US) (0409) is designed for students who reside in the USA and have an interest in study of historical events of their country. The IGCSE American History (0409) syllabus deals with all major events related to the USA that happened from mid of the 18th Century to end of the 20th Century. This syllabus enables the learners to get basic knowledge about American history and continue their studies in higher levels.

The students of IGCSE History (0409) can improve their exam preparation by using past papers. These past papers of IGCSE American History (0409) are available at IXLVES from 2013 to 2020. The students can read IGCSE History – American (US) (0409) past papers 2013, Cambridge IGCSE History – American (US) (0409) past papers 2015, IGCSE History – American (US) (0409) past papers 2018 and CAIE IGCSE History – American (US) (0409) past papers 2020 at this website. IGCSE exams are held during the months of Feb/Mar, May/June and Oct/Nov every year. Past papers of all these exams are available at IXLVES.

These past papers have great importance for exams because they not only provide question papers but also several other major features for exam preparation. These include: examiner reports, grade threshold, marking scheme and FAQs. Examiner repots inform learners about performance of overall students while attempting questions in previous exams. The students can learn about solving the questions correctly through examiner reports. Students can get information about minimum marks for any grade in their papers through grade threshold. The grade threshold in IGCSE exams can change according to performance of students and complexity level of papers.

Marking scheme guides students about the marking principles of their papers. These principles are set by CAIE and their knowledge can allowed students to get maximum possible marks in their papers. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their detailed answers provide solution to common problems faced by students during their studies and examination. The students of IGCSE History (0409) can also take advantage from various notes and instructions related to their papers. All these notes are prepared by qualified staff and available free of cost for learners.

The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) brings necessary changes to syllabus and paper pattern of IGCSE subjects after few years. The purpose of these changes is to modernize the educational and examinational process. In this situation, specimen papers become necessity for preparation of upcoming exams for students of IGCSE. These specimen papers are formulated according to the latest curriculum and paper style as devised by CAIE. Thus, learners can get complete awareness about the latest changes in their papers. IXLVES is also providing specimen papers marking scheme for students. Through this feature, the learners can get knowledge about the current marking scheme that will be used to mark their papers in next exams.

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