Cambridge International IGCSE Italian Foreign Language (0535) Past Papers

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 2014 File folder4/25/2017
 2015 File folder4/25/2017
 2016 File folder4/25/2017
 2017 File folder10/1/2017
 2018 File folder2/6/2020
 2019 File folder2/6/2020
 2020 File folder2/6/2020

Italian is one of the most spoken languages in Europe and other parts of the world. Many students select Italian as foreign language for their studies for purpose like study, research, commerce etc. The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is providing the opportunity for such students in IGCSE. The Cambridge IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) is for students who want to learn Italian as foreign language. The Cambridge IGCSE Italian as Foreign Language (0535) syllabus enables students to improve and strengthen their skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking the Italian language. They can improve their skills according to their progress in studies. This syllabus enhances understanding of Italian language for learners by educating them about the culture of countries where Italian is spoken as native language.

IXLVES is providing past papers for students of IGCSE Italian (0535). These past papers are helpful for students in getting good marks and grades in their exams. The Cambridge IGCSE Italian (0535) past papers from 2014 to 2020 are present at this website. The students will get Cambridge IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) past papers 2014, Cambridge IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) past papers 2015, Cambridge IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) past papers 2017, CAIE IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) past papers 2019 and Cambridge IGCSE Italian – Foreign language (0535) past papers 2020 at this website. Cambridge IGCSE exams are held every year during the months of Feb/Mar, May/June and Oct/Nov. Separate past papers of all these exams are available here for students.

The learners can take advantage of components like examiner reports, marking scheme, grade threshold and FAQs alongside past papers. Examiner reports allow students to choose right answers of their questions during exams. They can do so by avoiding mistakes done by students in these previous exams. Marks for all questions in a paper are given according to the marking scheme. The marking scheme is based on marking principles devised by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) for IGCSE.

Grade threshold informs students about minimum marks required to obtain any grade. The grade threshold can be different for different papers and components. The grade threshold can change on annual basis as it depends on complexity level of papers and the resultant performance of overall students in these papers. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are related to general issues faced by students during their studies and exams. The learners can easily solve these problems thanks to the detailed answers available for these FAQs. IXLVES is also offering educational videos for students of IGCSE Italian (0535). These videos enable the students to communicate the Italian language clearly and accurately.

Specimen papers are also major component for preparation of annual exams. The specimen papers are made by following the latest syllabus and paper pattern as set by The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). These changes occur after every few years for IGCSE exams. It is therefore necessary for learners to read both past papers and specimen papers for complete exam preparation. Specimen papers marking scheme guide students about the latest marking scheme for their upcoming Italian (0535) papers.

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