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 2012 File folder4/25/2017
 2013 File folder4/25/2017
 2014 File folder4/25/2017
 2015 File folder4/25/2017
 2016 File folder4/25/2017
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 2019 File folder2/8/2020

Mathematics is a key subject and basic education of mathematics is available in all education systems worldwide. The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is also giving emphasis on mathematics subject on IGCSE level. It is the reason that multiple syllabuses are available for students of mathematics in IGCSE according to their preferences and requirements. The Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) is available for students of USA to fulfill their specific needs. The Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) syllabus builds solid foundation for advanced studies in mathematics. This syllabus teaches all basic and fundamental concepts of mathematics to students and enhances their abilities to understand and solve complex mathematical problems.

The students of IGCSE Mathematics (0444) need assistance from past papers to get excellent marks and grades in their exams. These past papers contain large number of necessary features that play important role in exam preparation. IXLVES is providing past papers of all previous IGCSE exams organized by The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). These include exams that were held every year during the months of Feb/Mar, May/June and Oct/Nov.

IXLVES is offering past papers of Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0444) from year 2012 to 2019. These include Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) past papers 2012, IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) past papers 2013, CAIE IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) past papers 2015, IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) past papers 2017, Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (US) (0444) past papers 2019 and other papers in between them.

There are several important features available in these past papers for comprehensive exam preparation. These include: marking scheme, grade threshold, examiner reports, FAQs etc. Marking scheme provide information about marking principles that are used in IGCSE exams. These principles are set by CAIE and may change after few years according to requirement. Grade threshold informs learners about minimum marks necessary to get any grade. The grade threshold of any subject can change in different years according to difficulty level of papers in any given year.

Examiner reports guide students about various mistakes committed by students in papers of previous years. Reading these reports can assist learners in avoiding such mistakes in future exams. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers can solve many general problems faced by majority of students. These questions are related to educational and examinational problems and their detailed answers are given for students. The students of IGCSE Mathematics (0444) can get important notes and relevant instructions at this website. These notes are written by qualified examiners and teachers.

Specimen papers are also important component of exam preparation for Mathematics (0444) students. These specimen papers show recent syllabus and paper pattern of the subject. The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) alters syllabus, paper pattern and other examinational structure for IGCSE exams after every few years in order to cope with modern requirements. All these latest changes are highlighted through specimen papers. Apart from that, students can also get specimen papers marking scheme at this website. This feature informs students about marking principles that will be utilized for marking of their upcoming exams.

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