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 2002 File folder4/25/2017
 2003 File folder4/25/2017
 2004 File folder4/25/2017
 2005 File folder4/25/2017
 2006 File folder4/25/2017
 2007 File folder4/25/2017
 2008 File folder4/25/2017
 2009 File folder4/25/2017
 2010 File folder4/25/2017
 2011 File folder4/25/2017
 2012 File folder4/25/2017
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 2015 File folder4/25/2017
 2016 File folder4/25/2017
 2017 File folder6/9/2018
 2018 File folder2/6/2020
 2019 File folder2/9/2020
 2020 File folder2/6/2020

Physics is one of the basic subjects for students who want to learn science during their studies. It is the reason that large number of students takes interest in physics due to its influence on many fields. The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is offering Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625) for students who want to learn basic concepts of physics. The IGCSE Physics (0625) syllabus enables students to get detailed information about modern technological and scientific developments related to physics. They get knowledge about fundamental concepts and principles of physics with strong ability to learn practical skills. This syllabus enables students to successfully continue their studies of physics in higher levels as well.

The students of Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625) can take advantage of past papers available at IXLVES for their exam preparation. IXLVES is offering past papers of IGCSE Physics (0625) from year 2002 to 2020. The past papers available at this website include Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2002, IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2003, IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2012, IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2016, Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2019, IGCSE Physics (0625) past papers 2020 and other past papers of years in between them. At this website, the learners can read IGCSE past papers of all previous exams separately that were held during the months of Feb/Mar, May/June and Oct/Nov every year.

The inclusion of several necessary features makes these past papers extremely beneficial for students. These include marking scheme, examiner reports, grade threshold, FAQs and online quiz. Marking scheme provides information about marking principles about IGCSE exams. These principles are organized by CAIE and all the papers are marked according to these principles. Examiner reports highlight answers given by students in previous papers. The learners can know about various mistakes committed by students during these exams. It proves helpful for them in avoiding such mistakes in future exams.

Grade threshold informs learners about minimum marks for any grade. They can easily know about marks they need to obtain their desired grade in both components a paper through grade threshold. This feature is not constant but grade threshold of IGCSE Physics (0625) may change in different exams according to their complexity level. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) describe general problems faced by students during exams and studies. Answers of these questions are given in detail that helps in solving these issues. A unique advantage available for students of CAIE IGCSE Physics (0625) is the presence of online quiz at IXLVES. This online quiz assists students in getting familiarity with basic concepts of physics in an interesting way.

Specimen papers are also necessary part of exam preparation for students of IGCSE. These specimen papers are made according to the latest syllabus and paper pattern of the subject. CAIE alters all necessary features of IGCSE exams after few years which make it necessary for students to consult specimen papers. IXLVES is also offering specimen papers marking scheme for learners. This is another important aspect that informs students about current marking principles of their IGCSE Physics (0625) upcoming papers.

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